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Arabs call it the Sea of Lot (the profit) or some times the Stinky Lake in conjunction with mineral smell that can not be avoided once you are there. Throughout the history the Dead Sea was linked to famous personalities like King David, King Herod, Jesus Christ & John the Baptist. It is said that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had some factories there for manufacturing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Also the Arab Nabateans used to supply Egyptian with bitumen, which was essential factor for mummification for Pharos of Egypt.



In the seventies of the last century, the Dead Sea was rediscovered as Heaven for Treatments & Beauty. Today there are Many specialized centers around the Dead Sea dealing with treatments linked to its Nature beside several Spas & Hotels catering for the rejuvenation for old and young.
Although called the "Dead Sea", this sea and the whole region on its shore is very much alive. The dead Sea lies some 408 km below sea level at the lowest point on the earth's surface, and is a part of the Syrian - East Africa Rift Valley, flanked by Palestine Mountains to the west and the Moab Mountains to the east.

The Dead Sea is one of the most saline lakes in the world. It is fed mainly by River Jordan in the north and by perennial springs and streams from the east and west. Having no outlet, the Dead sea is a "terminal lake" which loses huge amounts of water by evaporation into the hot dry air. This results in high concentration of salts and minerals in a unique composition that is particularly rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bromine and various others. The Dead Sea brine's chemical composition reflects erosion, as well as the recycling of older deposits. Leaching of minerals from the geological strata also contributes to the Dead Sea brine and to a number of thermo-mineral springs along its shores

In addition, alluvial deposits form the much valued Dead Sea mineral mud, also known as Dead Sea therapeutic black mud.

The uniqueness of the Dead Sea has been known for centuries. This is the only place in the world with this particular combination of exclusive spa benefits: peculiar sun radiation and climatic conditions, enriched oxygen atmosphere, mineral-rich salt sea, thermo-mineral springs, and mineral-rich mud.

In days of old, Dead Sea water and salt were imported to Italy by Roman nobles .Asphalt, the bituminous substance rising to the surface of the lake, was used for many industrial and medicinal purposes. Plants growing in lakeside oases, especially the balsam tree, produced valuable and highly sought-after cosmetics, perfumes and medicinal substances. Their value were of such great economic importance for wars that  were fought for their possession, as when Mark Anthony conquered the Dead Sea area for Cleopatra.

Today, the Dead Sea Works is a major industrial complex which for many decades has extracted potash, bromine and other chemicals for worldwide exports.
The Dead Sea region is also an ideal base for tourism . Travel distances are short, with Amman  only an hour's drive, and Amman airport (50 minutes driving time).

In recent years, the Dead Sea area has become a health, rehabilitation, recreation and beauty spa. The combination of the year-round favorable climate, the thriving health and beauty centers, and the unique natural and historical tourist attractions, attract both vacationers and health-cure visitors from around the world. Modern facilities and hotels line the shore.

As a health spa, the Dead Sea offers patients an opportunity to treat various ailments while enjoying the feeling of well-being that is an important part of the treatment. Many visitors return year after year for long-term relief

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