The Dead Sea is located t about 408 meters below sea level in the lowest point in the world and form a small part of the great rift which extended between Syria and East Africa.

The Dead Sea main supply of water comes from the river of Jordan and the underground water of sea bid as well as the torrents from the mountains around the sea.


Considerable amount of water evaporate due to the high temperature which result in high rate of salts and minerals in the water as it contains chloride salts with Magnesium, Calcium and Broom and other salts.

The Dead Sea black mud is valuable for therapy purposes, in addition to that the Dead Sea provides the opportunity to patients to treat various pains as the general feelings of the convenience and the convalescence factor constitute a basic components of Climatic therapy.

The fascinating archeological and historical places together with rare landscape provide the visitors seeking relaxation the factors of change, refreshment and convalescence for both the body and the spirit.